The exceedingly pricey, super-luxury Cadillac Celestiq will be yet another EV to come along in General Motors' long list of future products. While the Celestiq is neither a Chevrolet nor an electric pickup truck, the Silverado EV Forum reported that GM has filed for some new trademarks for the electric Caddy.

GM has big plans to bring an onslaught of new electric cars, trucks, and SUVs to market in the coming years. The company's goal, according to CEO Mary Barra, is to overtake Tesla as the EV leader. In order to make that happen, GM plans to bring a number of "affordable" electric vehicles to market, with hopes to ensure that most drivers will be able to afford an EV if they want one. 

With that said, GM's first purpose-built EVs aren't of the affordable variety. The automotive manufacturer brought the GMC Hummer EV to market late last year, which is an electric pickup truck that's both niche and pricey. The relatively expensive Cadillac Lyriq was next in line, and the Celestiq is to follow, which will be a 2025 model. There's still plenty to learn about it, but what we do know is that it's going to be built by hand, highly tailored, and cost about $300,000. 

As we wait years for various automakers' new electric vehicles to come to market, interesting details are revealed, leaked, or discovered along the way. In the case of this situation, GM filed official documents with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). However, while we know the documents were filed, and they do include the Celestiq name, we can only speculate as to how Cadillac plans to use them.

The trademark documents spell out the names Celestiq Aurora, Celestiq Magnetic, Celestiq Vale, and Celestiq Mist. The Silverado EV Forum suggests that all of these names will be trim levels for the electric sedan. You can see the official documents in the thread by visiting the source link below. Which do you think will be the base trim? How about the range-topper?

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