The Celesitq flagship electric sedan will sit at the top of the Cadillac range once it debuts, but according to a recent report, we underestimated how much it’s going to cost. Earlier rumors suggested a price range starting at around $90,000 for a base Luxury line model, while the top Platinum trim would start at $120,000.

However, according to a new report published by The Wall Street Journal, the price point may actually be quite a bit higher. So even though the Celestiq is essentially the sedan equivalent of the Lyriq SUV whose starting price is just under $63,000, this new report says it could actually cost as much as $300,000, therefore targeting the most expensive and exclusive sedans in the world.

WSJ quoted unnamed sources who said the Celesitq (previewed in our exclusive renderings below) would enter production in 2023 and that it would only be built in the hundreds of examples per year range. In fact, the report states that under 500 examples would be hand-assembled yearly, making it not only one of the most expensive, but also one of the most exclusive and rare sedans in the world.

Gallery: Cadillac Celestiq Renderings

Now given the major price difference between the Celestiq and the similar Lyriq, we had to reach out to General Motors to get some kind of confirmation for this. They were obviously not going to share the exact details with us at this point, given that we’re not close to the vehicle’s launch, but their reply did lend some credence to the WSJ report. got a comment from a Cadillac spokesperson who explained that

We have not shared pricing for Celestiq but what I can say is that it will be a very exclusive and bespoke product and priced accordingly. More details about the production version will be available later this year.

Now we don’t know what Cadillac is planning to do with the Celestiq to make it worth that much, although hand-assembling it might be one way to justify it, and this report certainly makes its debut a more intriguing prospect. If true, it shows Cadillac’s desire as a company to go more upmarket and to not just rival the likes of Mercedes-Benz or Lexus, but also higher echelon luxury brands like Bentley or Rolls-Royce.

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