You probably know by now that our friends over at The Fast Lane Truck have their very own Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. We've covered many of their videos about the truck, so we're already aware of the fact that they're not babying it. TFLEV's F-150 Lightning has officially passed the 10,000-mile mark, and it's time for the guys to share how it's holding up.

Trucks are typically built to last, though some hold up much better than others. The expectation from most folks is likely that the F-150 Lightning – which is exceedingly similar to any gas-powered F-150, aside from its powertrain and new features – should be able to handle the same type of abuse that's expected of any half-ton pickup truck.

Sadly, when a new vehicle like the Lightning electric pickup truck comes to market, we may have to wait for many months or even years to get a good grasp on its real-world durability, longevity, reliability, and the like. However, as publications like TFL beat these trucks up over many miles during a relatively short time, we can get at least a relative idea of whether or not they're truly built to last.

TFL's team just returned from a taxing trip to Alaska, which was just one of many trips they've taken. They've also raced the truck and put it through a series of towing tests, hauling tests, towing and hauling while climbing, and the list goes on and on.

As far as the video is concerned, the guys spend a good chunk of time just talking about the truck, its range, charging, storage, features, and best of all, some solid suggestions for current and future Lightning owners. They also show off a few useful items they've had a chance to enjoy on their many F-150 Lightning journeys. 

The Lightning appears to be holding up quite well after 10,000 miles, at least as a whole. However, the seat material is already creasing and looks very used. The material is clearly pulling up away from the padding and it's now loose rather than taut. The guys suggest that this is something Ford needs to address going forward.

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