DragTimes recently had an opportunity to check out the Edition 1 of the GMC Hummer EV Pickup, which is one of the fastest pickups in the world.

After a little bit of an overview, testing how surprisingly tight the turning radius is (thanks to rear-wheel steering) as well as the Crab Mode (which allows to move diagonally), it was time for full-blown acceleration in the Watts to Freedom mode (16:00).

The GMC Hummer EV Pickup happens to be extremely quick, despite its weight of 9,063 lbs (4,111 kg) and size. The secret lies in the three electric motors and the system output of around 1,000 hp, about 1,100 lb-ft.

In theory, the electric Hummer should be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds. According to the video, the GMC Hummer EV Pickup, at about 90% state-of-charge (SOC), noted times below 3.6 seconds, spinning all four wheels. The video description suggests that 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds is achievable.

In a comparison with the Tesla Model Y Performance (tested at 85% SOC), the GMC Hummer EV Pickup was clearly faster in both of the two races. That's quite amazing.

The GMC Hummer EV Pickup is probably the most powerful electric truck on the market right now, but not necessarily the quickest, as we already saw that the Rivian R1T was a bit quicker in drag and roll races.

Considering that the electric pickup market is still in its infancy, in the next few years we will probably see even more powerful (and quicker) EVs.

Meanwhile, General Motors revealed that has about 80,000 reservations for the GMC Hummer EV Pickup and SUV models. Only 372 were delivered by the end of June, which probably means a few years long queue of customers.

The price of the GMC Hummer EV Pickup Edition 1 exceeds $110,000 and with a 200+ kWh battery, it can go up to 329 miles (529 km), according to GM.

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