Cadillac continues to tease its Celestiq electric show car and has released the most revealing photos so far as part of the buildup to its world debut on July 22.

The automaker says this is the final preview of the Celestiq ultra-luxury EV ahead of its reveal next week. Looking at the photos, the most striking aspect is the vehicle’s rear end, which adopts a fastback-like design.

The Celestiq is clearly not a traditional Cadillac sedan and the automaker wants to make that clear from the first moment people lay their eyes on the Celestiq. The rear end features a smooth sloping rear screen, vertical boomerang-shaped LED taillights integrated in the sculpted bumper, an illuminated Cadillac crest and a rear diffuser-like element.

You'll notice there's a second pair of LED taillights flanking the hatch, likely because they open together with it and the US mandates that every car should have the taillights on a non-moving part of the body.

We also get the best look yet at the front half of the car, revealing a long hood, a front fascia that appears to be entirely illuminated (and possibly interactive), vertical LED daytime running lights on each side, and a metallic insert separating the hood from the fascia. 

Other exterior details worth mentioning are the aerodynamic alloy wheels featuring an intricate design and sleek side cameras.

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Two more photos provide a glimpse at the luxurious, retro-futuristic interior that feature four individual seats and a generous cargo compartment with a flat load floor. The lavish cabin is bathed in red leather, with contrast coming from the wood seat backs and metallic inlays.

As you would expect from a luxury sedan, rear seat passengers are treated to decadent levels of legroom and knee room, as well as big screens attached to the backs of the front seats. There's also a center console complete with a screen and rotary dial to control the HVAC system, multimedia and seat adjustments.

At the front, a wide screen appears to span the entire width of the dashboard, with a secondary smaller display placed as a bridge between the dash and the center tunnel.

The Cadillac Celestiq will be the first production car hand-built at GM's Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. Each vehicle created will evoke a personal connection with every customer, according to Cadillac.

"Every CELESTIQ will be instantly identifiable as one of a kind, giving each client a personal connection to Cadillac’s newest flagship."

Erin Crossley, design director, Cadillac Celestiq

Cadillac will lift the veils off the Celestiq show car on July 22, at 9 a.m. Eastern Time. Availability of the Celestiq production model, which will seek to reimagine the future of American luxury, will be announced at a later date, with some reports claiming the EV will enter production as early as next year.

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