Despite having three wheels, the cargo wheeler manufactured by the Finnish business Ouca Bikes is referred to and categorized as an electric bicycle. Utility and durability are two of its most important features, and it is both designed and built in Finland. The vehicle's function is to make moving everything you need the most convenient, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly.

Ouca’s Electric Cargo Trike Is A Futuristic Beast Of Burden

The Ouca bike is built well, according to the maker, with a sturdy frame and luggage pod that can withstand a variety of road conditions. Its practicality is further increased by the availability of a rear rack in addition to the sizable cargo area—provided you stay on the pavement, that is. Ouca says that their cargo bike is highly stable and comfortable, providing a smooth ride over a variety of road conditions. Even novice riders will feel confident riding the cargo electric bike because to its broad, all-weather tires, large wheelbase, wide track, and low center of gravity.

We currently only know a few specs on Ouca's electric cargo trike because it hasn't been released on the market just yet. We are aware that it is available in three versions: the Ouca Kiddiebus, Ouca Transport, and Ouca Space. All three models come equipped with an automatic gearbox, a powerful Revonte motor, and even a reverse gear for easier maneuvering. Customers can choose to add another battery to the bike to extend its range.

First off, because the cargo compartment is covered by a waterproof lid, the Ouca Space is made to transport packages and parcels in congested cities no matter the weather. It may be locked and adds 300 liters of storage, bringing the total storage volume to 870 liters. The Ouca Transport is the next model up, and is essentially the same as the Space, but without the protective top, converting it into a huge front basket. Additionally, it may be equipped with three kid seats and one adult seat.

Ouca’s Electric Cargo Trike Is A Futuristic Beast Of Burden

Last but definitely not least, the Ouca Kiddiebus is appropriate for carrying the most priceless cargo of all: your children. This model was created with childcare centers and preschools in mind, and the cargo area can accommodate up to eight kids. In addition to the rider, all bikes from Ouca are capable of towing up to 255 kilos, of which 180 kilograms are carried in the luggage area and an extra 75 kilograms may be carried on the optional rear rack. At the Eurobike Show in Frankfurt, Germany, the new cargo motorcycles from Ouca will be unveiled, with their pricing, official specs, and other details expected to be revealed.

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