At present, bicycles and e-bikes are one of the best transportation options when it comes to cost and sustainability. Most of the time, though, you are forced to pick between a conventional bike and an electric bike, and you have to make that decision all the way through. Although there are hybrids that blend the two, each has its own shortcomings.

One idea, though, aims to do away with that restriction by letting you decide whenever and wherever to use a motor or good old fashioned pedal power. In a story published by design publication Yanko Design, this cool e-bike concept called Gravity poses a simple yet effective solution. While most electric bikes and hybrids use a motor to either drive the bicycle’s gears or provide varying degrees of pedal assistance, the Gravity electric bicycle design concept by designer Phan Dung Tin, allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds, and riders may quickly switch between two modes whenever they want to.

Gravity Concept Bike Is A Versatile 3D-Printed Electric Bicycle

The fact that Gravity's battery is detachable is one of its main selling points. When you can quickly replace dead batteries rather than needing to buy a new bike or through a costly repair procedure, this is already important in terms of overall service life. It also implies that the battery is not absolutely necessary for the bicycle to function. This means that whenever you choose, you can quickly transform the Gravity from an electric bicycle to a regular bicycle. So, if you want to cruise through traffic one day and then exercise your legs the next, all you have to do is take out the battery and you're good to go.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: nearly all electric bikes available in the market have removable batteries, and can technically function as a standard bike without the battery. So, what makes Gravity so special? Well, the Gravity concept goes beyond just the batteries. It also features a 3D-printed frame, meaning it can be manufactured from a single piece of alloy or composite.

Gravity Concept Bike Is A Versatile 3D-Printed Electric Bicycle

This results in incredibly low weight and high rigidity. This also means that the frame can be designed in a way that simply isn’t possible if it made use of conventional manufacturing techniques. Last but not least, this allows customers the freedom of choice when it comes to the type of material they wish their bikes to be produced out of. At present, the Gravity e-bike concept is exactly that: a concept. However, given the growing popularity of electric bikes in general, as well as the rapid adoption of 3D printing in commercial manufacturing, seeing a bike like this take shape is by no means a far-fetched possibility.

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