There are several uses for electric motorcycles that go beyond sport and enjoyment. For starters, they are more enjoyable than either a vehicle or a standard bike, well, subjectively, at least, and get you where you're going more quickly. The drawback is that they are frequently rather heavy, sometimes blurring the lines between riding a bicycle and an actual motorbike. However, emerging e-bike manufacturer Honbike hopes to change that.

A new e-bike called the Honbike U4 appears so sleek and streamlined that you'd never know it was powered by an electric motor and battery. The Honbike U4 will make its global premiere on July 13 at Eurobike 2022. With a remarkably basic use of circular tubing in a modified X-frame, the bike has managed to pack a lot of tech, while concealing it incredibly well. The bike, as you can see, has a very straightforward but modern unisex design that makes it great for urban usage and is easily adjustable to perfectly fit any rider. In a nutshell, the U4 is an e-bike that resembles a classic bicycle, but with a modern twist that emphasizes usability.

E-Bike Maker Honbike Introduces Sleek Belt-Drive U4

Thanks to the use of 7000 series, aircraft-grade aluminum, rather than the more prevalent 6000 series aluminum, we find in more budget-focused bicycles, the Honbike U4's elegant frame is incredibly light, while remaining incredibly sturdy. A built-in 432 Wh battery that is incorporated into the bike's frame powers its hub-motor. As a consequence, the design is so sleek that you hardly even notice it is there. The downside is that it can't be removed easily to charge off the bike, and you'll need to park the bike near an electrical outlet to charge. The battery can, nevertheless, be taken out with the use of tools if it requires maintenance.

According to Honbike, the U4's battery may provide a range of up to 62 miles. However, part of that range may be given up for a little bit more power for those who desire a higher assist level. Because the Honbike U4 has three power settings, you can quickly change between them, depending on how willing you are to pedal and work up a sweat. Additionally, according to Honbike, the bike is intelligent enough to choose the optimal power setting depending on the user's own pedaling effort. This could mean that the bike has a torque sensor installed to provide a very natural-feeling pedal assist.

Even better, the bike has a brand-new Gates Carbon Drive belt system, which enables it to provide a quiet, smooth pedaling platform without the lubrication and maintenance issues associated with bicycle chains. Due to Europe's stricter e-bike regulations, we can expect the U4's electric motor to be a 250W unit, although Honbike has not yet disclosed the electric motor's specifications.

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