With the popularity of the all-new Ford F-50 Lightning electric pickup truck, we're seeing all sorts of new YouTube channels and blogs covering it. Popular RV travel vlog Keep Your Daydream finally got its hands on an F-150 Lightning and jumped on the bandwagon. The channel releases a new story every Sunday, and this week's focuses on the Lightning towing their Airstream.

As the story goes, Keep You Daydream put down a deposit on the F-150 Lightning back when it was first announced. They talked about never buying a first-gen model for a number of reasons, but they certainly weren't concerned about the electric truck's towing prowess or overall performance.

The couple finally got a chance to spend some time with the truck. Needless to say, they were blown away by its performance. They hooked up their 2017 30' Airstream Flying Cloud with its GVWR of 8,800 pounds, and it seemed it didn't even slow the truck down or hinder its capabilities. They hoped to see just how quickly the F-150 Lightning could scoot to 55 mph with the Airstream in tow, but decided not to push it too hard since it's their own personal RV. 

Despite being completely wowed by the Lightning, there was one issue, and it comes as no surprise. In fact, the couple knew upfront that that first-gen F-150 Ligthning's range would be a concern for them, and it's one of the main reasons they haven't pulled the trigger. They're going to continue to wait before getting their own electric truck.

With the standard battery, the Lightning delivers a bit fewer than 200 miles of range, which is about 100 miles while towing the RV. With the larger Extended Range Battery, the range increases to about 300 miles, but that is still only 150 to 200 miles while towing a heavy load.

For a couple who road trips all over the place in an Airstream, the current-gen F-150 Lightning just won't cut it, and the same can likely be said about its current electric truck rivals, such as the Rivian R1T and GMC Hummer EV. Keep You Daydream shares:

"Those distances won't provide enough travel time for typical RVers, so perhaps taking a boat to the lake or towing a cargo trailer in town are more suitable applications for this truck (for now). As we mention in the video, we personally feel that for an EV to be a viable RV tow vehicle, it would need a 300-mile range and 12-hour charge from 50 amp service at an RV park."

When Ford can produce an electric truck that meets the above criteria, you'd better believe this couple will be chomping at the bit to buy it. In the meantime, if you're not pulling an RV on a regular basis, there are many reasons the F-150 Lighting may be the perfect truck for you.

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