Tesla might have a problem with the Tesla Model Y Performance cars newly produced at the Giga Berlin-Brandenburg plant in Germany.

According to numerous reports from Tesla customers (TFF forum, Drive Tesla), the company is canceling/delaying deliveries of Made-in-Germany (MIG) cars that were originally scheduled for late June.

Tesla has recently reached a milestone of 1,000 MIG Tesla Model Y per week and was busy increasing production as fast as possible to stop losing money on the plants running at limited capacity.

In such circumstances, a report about halting deliveries indicates that there is some issue. There is no official recall or statement as far as we know, but according to articles, the root cause might be related to drive units. We don't know the details of the issue, but as we understand, the car can't be driven once the fault happens.

Tesla_Adri says that according to reports, customers might be forced to wait weeks for new cars (at least until mid-July).

If there really is a hardware issue, Tesla needs to find the solution and then produce and replace the faulty parts - no over-the-air (OTA) software update here.


It's not known how many MIG Tesla Model Y Performance were delivered so far by Tesla, but it's most likely a low, four-digit number.

Drive Tesla notes that a three week old MIG Tesla in Norway also suffered "the same problem" and according to the owner, the car cannot be driven (waiting for required parts).

The problem will probably affect the entire ramp-up of the Tesla Giga Berlin-Brandenburg plant - not only the Performance version of the Model Y, as some customers already reported delayed estimated delivery time of the Long Range AWD version.


Well, it seems that Tesla's plant in Germany has some bad luck and after months of delays caused by lack of permits, now has another hurdle that prevents a smooth ramp up.

Hopefully, Tesla will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and continue production, especially since the Chinese plant is expected to have another pause (for retooling).

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