Tesla CEO Elon Musk has become quite active on Twitter of late, and it seems he's trying to set aside politics and most of his Twitter-deal-related comments to, once again, focus on Tesla and SpaceX. With that said, Musk has had plenty of positives to share these days, including some tweets about Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) Capability.

The CEO shared that he's currently driving an alpha version of FSD Beta 11 on the highway. Musk admits that it's not quite ready, though he adds that it will probably be ready for wide release this summer 2022.

Keep in mind that we have to take everything Musk shares with a grain of salt. The CEO is incredibly optimistic, and while that has likely helped Tesla become as successful as it is today, his timeline estimates tend to be quite exaggerated. While Musk seems to be confident with his estimates, it has been proven time and time again that Tesla's engineers are unable to meet his expectations within his projected timeframes.

People often joke about Musk's "two weeks" comments, as well as those related to a new Tesla feature or technology being available "by the end of the year." Musk has been estimating that Tesla's Full Self-Driving Capability will be ready by the end of the year for many years. However, most of those estimates came before Tesla launched its beta-testing program and started rolling out regular incremental updates of the technology.

At any rate, the recent tweet from Musk came as a reply to a tweet published by Tesla fan DrKnowItAll (@DrKnowItAll16). However, the thread started with a message from jimmah (@jamesdouma).

Tesla just recently rolled out FSD Beta update version 10.12.2, and many beta testers have been raving about the progress. Now, they're waiting on an update that's expected to be even more substantial (10.13), though version 11 is the upcoming "major update" that's typically talked about in the Tesla community.


As you can see, James Douma tweeted about a successful two-hour drive with the latest version (10.12.2). Musk responded that James will really love 10.13. The CEO previously noted that 10.13 will be able to handle roads with no map data. In addition, he said it will be significantly better through intersections, especially when dealing with long left turns.


DrKnowItAll chimed in to agree about the success of FSD version 10.12 and asked Musk about version 11. Musk replied that he's currently driving a car with an alpha version of the software, and he feels it's not quite ready. However, he estimates that Tesla will be able to release it to a wide audience this summer.


Another person replied asking when to expect version 10.13. Musk answered, "two weeks." We don't know if this was just the CEO playing into the jokes about his "two weeks" comments, or if he's actually serious. We do know that Tesla has had a sort of unofficial goal of releasing new versions every two weeks, but that hasn't always been the case for the previous updates.

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