If the upcoming Fisker Ocean crossover arrives as planned, it will have loads to offer, especially considering its shockingly low starting price. Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker provided some updates at the company's recent 2022 shareholder's meeting, during which he confirmed that, despite auto industry delays, the Ocean is still coming to market this year.

While many automakers are still pointing to the chip shortage and general supply chain concerns, Fisker is confident the Ocean will be on time. He went so far as to say he doesn't expect that the company will face any delays. The CEO shared:

"Everybody else is announcing delays and we have not announced any delay, and I don’t expect we will. We are on time."

With big plans to follow the Ocean will several other EVs, Fisker is wise to do everything it can to get its flagship model to market in a timely fashion. This is especially true considering Henrik Fisker's storied past, which has left some folks skeptical of what the future may hold for the startup electric automaker.

Fisker, once again, points to its long-term contract with Magna International, the company chosen to produce the Ocean, as the primary reason it's on schedule. The CEO relays his excitement to shareholders, claiming that Magna is set to produce a product that's "out of this world." Fisker added:

"Large, traditional car companies have just about finished their first round of EVs and you know, there is none that are, let’s put it this way mildly, you know, out of this world."

While we can't vouch for the above statement since we haven't yet experienced the Ocean, we can say that its price is arguably otherworldly. We're talking about an attractive and upscale long-range SUV with a starting price of just $37,500. If you're lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the US federal EV tax credit, it's a $30,000 electric crossover before taxes and fees.

Fisker recently shed light on another detail, which we were already aware of, though there was little information provided by the automaker. At the LA Auto Show in 2021, the brand mentioned its "Revolve" infotainment screen.

It's a 17.1-inch screen that can switch between landscape and portrait modes with the touch of a button. When in the vertical position, it's in Control Mode, whereas Fisker calls the horizontal orientation Hollywood mode. Check it out below and then leave us a comment.

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