Tesla Model S owner Wes – who runs the It's Electric YouTube channel and covers various EVs – was fortunate to spot many Model Y crossovers at Tesla's Giga Texas. This provided him with a welcome opportunity to get some footage of the EVs and share details about their overall build quality, fit and finish, and unique details compared to the existing Model Y.

Wes found several Tesla Model Y SUVs in the customer delivery parking at the company's brand-new EV and battery factory in Austin, coined Giga Texas. He notes that there are some from as early as the beginning of April 2022 (manufacturing validation units), while others were manufactured in late May 2022. Wes compares the different copies to see if there have been any notable improvements to build quality.

This Tesla owner also attempts to point out any changes related to the new Texas-built Model Y. He takes us to the underside of the electric crossover to see if the structural battery pack looks different from the outside of the car as compared to Tesla's existing skateboard-style pack.

Based on what Wes gleaned from his time at Giga Texas, he believes Tesla is close to delivering the Model Y crossovers with the 4680 cells and structural battery pack to customers. This makes sense since Tesla already alerted Model Y reservation holders in the middle of May 2022 that they have the option to switch to a Texas-built Model Y

More specifically, Tesla is offering the new Model Y Standard Range AWD starting at $60,990, and customers may be able to take delivery "within weeks." However, it appears the customers may have to choose an inventory model to get the accelerated delivery, and some of the Model Y SUVs in the video may be those Tesla is referring to. 


To date, it appears as though Tesla has only delivered such vehicles to employees, though details surrounding the popular EV brand are typically not very clear. If you've taken delivery of a 4680 Model Y, or you know someone who has, please provide us with details in the comment section.

That said, check out the short video to learn more about what Was learned during his Model Y fleet exploration at Giga Texas.

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