Out of Spec Reviews just happened to be in Austin, Texas, recently, and it would have been weird not to stop by Tesla's brand-new and colossal Gigafactory. Tesla just opened the factory, and we know it's currently producing Model Y crossovers with the new proprietary 4680 battery cells and structural pack.

Jordan hosts this Out of Spec video as he tries to get as close as possible to the giant Tesla factory, which stretches nearly a mile long down Tesla Road. According to Tesla, the factory covers a whopping 2,500 acres along the Colorado River, and it has some 10 million square feet of floor space. It's the largest factory in the world by overall volume.

The Texas factory will focus on manufacturing the Model Y for now, and will eventually produce the unique and sought-after Tesla Cybertruck. The Tesla Semi will also be produced at Giga Texas in the future.

We've seen loads of drone videos of the Tesla factory in Texas, and there are a few videos out there that take a look inside the factory. However, this appears to be the first time Out of Spec has been up close to the factory, which is also Tesla's official global headquarters.

Musk moved the headquarters out of California, and he's now living in Texas. That said, the Fremont factory is still cranking out cars, and, despite the CEO's frustration with California, there's been talk of expansion at the Fremont location.

About a month ago, Tesla delivered the first Model Y SUVs with the 4680 cells and structural pack during its Giga Rodeo grand opening celebration. However, very little was known about the vehicle, and it seems it only went to employees. More recently, Tesla started offering a new dual-motor all-wheel-drive Standard Range version of the EV starting at $60,990.

At any rate, Jordan provides plenty of details about Giga Texas, the Model Y, and the new 4680 cells. He also shares some of his own drone footage to reveal Tesla's progress at the factory.

Check out the video and then scroll down and leave us your takeaways. Is there anything really specific you'd like to see that hasn't yet been revealed? Perhaps we can get the word out with the hope of getting some new footage streaming in.

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