Tesla has sent one of its Tesla Cybertruck prototypes to the official grand commissioning ceremony of the Elkhorn Battery energy storage system in Moss Landing.

The company delivered 256 Megapacks for the project (730 MWh/182.5 MW), which is one of the world's largest.

The guest appearance of the Tesla Cybertruck would not be big news on its own, but new photos (KSBW Action News 8 via Sawyer Merritt) reveal interesting updates to the interior of the vehicle.

As it turns out, the prototype (still an early one) has a separate instrument cluster display, behind the yoke steering wheel (disassembled, by the way). It was not the case in the original concept. The display reminds us of the Model S/Model X approach, but its external shape has an angular style.

The prototype might be kind of a Tesla Model X in the clothes of the Tesla Cybertruck, as the center infotainment display shows Model X. We would not be surprised by the use of the same controllers, and software as the foundation for development.

Tesla Cybertruck interior (source: Sawyer Merritt)
Tesla Cybertruck interior (source: Sawyer Merritt)

There are more changes. We can see the center console (instead of a foldable middle seat as we understand) and a different shape to the pedals.

Tesla Cybertruck interior
Tesla Cybertruck interior

The windshield wiper is much shorter than before, so maybe it's telescopic?


Well, it's too early to judge the current prototype, as it might be far from the final product. Knowing the current market disruption and parts shortages, as well as Tesla's timing, we guess that the Tesla Cybertruck will enter the market in 2023 at best.

We must remember that the Tesla Cybertruck needs also an established high volume supply of Tesla's latest 4680-type cylindrical battery cells, as such a large vehicle will require a large battery pack to offer a decent range.

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