DeLorean is coming back as an electric sports car manufacturer and now in the process of hype-building and teasing to create buzz for its first model. So far, the company has shown the EV’s gullwing doors, part of its rear fascia and with a new video that it just released, its full-width rear light bar as well.

We can already see that this is not going to be so much a reimagining of the original vehicle, but more a case of borrowing signature pieces of design and repurposing them in a modern context. DeLorean could have chosen to make it an angular retro-futuristic revival - think Honda e, Hyundai Ioniq 5 - but it instead went for a rounded shape.

And you can see that the company is putting a lot of emphasis on the elements that this new vehicle has in common with the classic (the doors and more recently the louvers), because it is trying to create a clear connection between old and new without resorting to just copying the old design. Now whether this is the right approach or not will show in the new EVs market success.


The original DeLorean was never that brilliant to drive, so there’s not so much pressure on designers’ and engineers’ shoulders to make this a standout trait of the vehicle. Apparently, while it will be very quick and sporty, it seems that luxury will be this vehicle’s guiding philosophy - we currently have no word on specs, performance numbers, range or even information on what platform will be used as its base.

What we do know is that DeLorean is planning to reveal the vehicle on the Concept Lawn at this year’s edition of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 18, when we hope more technical information will be revealed too.

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