Electrify America, one of the largest fast charging networks in the US, recently shared interesting data about the utilization of the infrastructure during 2021.

According to the report, the company delivered 41.4 GWh of energy through 1.45 million customer charging sessions. The number of charging sessions increased more than five times from 268,000 in 2020.

The company estimates that the amount of dispensed electricity would be enough to drive 145 million miles on electricity (about 286 Wh/mile or 177 Wh/km) and offset 5.7 million gallons of gas.

Electrify America results in 2021:

  • 1.45 million customer charging sessions (up 441% year-over-year from 268,000 in 2020)
  • 41.4 GWh of energy delivered
  • estimated benefits:
    avoided the use of 5.7 million gallons of gas to cover 145 million electric vehicle miles

The network is growing quickly not only because there is an ongoing expansion of the network, but also because there are more electric cars. Many new electric car models also have bigger batteries and can charge at higher power.

Having the numbers, we can also calculate the average energy delivered per session, which in 2021 happened to be 28.6 kWh.

Assuming California prices ($0.43/kWh for guests or $0.31/kWh for members who pay also $4/month) it would be up to $12.30 per guest session ($8.90 + monthly fee for members).

If we would like to get some glimpses at the Electrify America revenues we estimate that it might be some $18 million (assuming California's guest rate and 41.4 GWh total). It could be a different value in reality because prices vary between the markets and there are other sources of revenue (deals with manufacturers), but in general, the revenues still appear to be low compared to the scale of the network.

According to the press release, Electrify America has about 800 charging stations and about 3,500 individual chargers (up to 150 kW or up to 350 kW) open or with construction completed.

Electrify America's website indicates 750 stations live and 81 coming soon, with 2,507 CCS and 737 CCS-CHAdeMO plugs, plus 116 AC Level 2 charging points.

The plan for the US and Canada (through Electrify Canada) is to have more than 1,800 total charging stations with over 10,000 individual chargers.

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