While there still aren't a whole lot of Tesla owners in Michigan, we see more and more every day. One such owner goes by the name of Dirty Tesla on social media, and his primary focus of late has been Full Self-Driving Beta testing. However, he recently had a unique opportunity to drive the Rivian R1T electric truck for the first time, and that opportunity was provided by none other than Michigan-based industry expert Sandy Munro.

As you may already be aware, Munro and his wife decided to keep the Rivian R1T they ordered for dissection. Munro & Associates were considering tearing down the R1T, much like they have with many other vehicles. However, Munro – and more importantly, his wife Sue – fell in love with the premium and off-road-ready R1T electric pickup truck, and they couldn't bear to tear it apart. The couple sold their Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), and now they're proud owners of the Rivian.

Little did we know this situation would also work out to Dirty Tesla's advantage. He headed to Munro & Associates' place of business to check out the R1T and enjoy some time behind the wheel. 

Dirty Tesla admits he has actually never seen an R1T in the flesh, and while he says it looks nice, it's not quite as large as he expected. Keep in mind that he has seen the Tesla Cybertruck in person, and it seems he's also quite familiar with the beastly GMC Hummer EV, which is the only other electric pickup truck that's currently being delivered in the States.

The video consists of an exterior and interior tour, during which Dirty Tesla goes over notable features, seating and cargo space, the touch-screen infotainment system, and much more. Most folks have probably seen some of this covered by other channels, though we've learned that first drives of these new EVs always seem to be quite unique due to varied perspectives. That said, Dirty Tesla may be one of the first FSD Beta testers to cover the R1T's related features.

Not only does he get to spend some quality time behind the wheel, but he also experiences the R1T's highway and drive assist feature (Driver+). We'll let you watch the video to learn about his overall impressions of the R1T's performance. However, we will say that getting a very active and vocal Tesla FSD Beta tester's thoughts on Rivian's driver-assistance technology is something that's certainly worth watching.

The video is just over 20 minutes long, and there are plenty of details to take in. Dirty Tesla provided the following topics and timestamps for people looking to focus on something specific.

0:00 - Exterior
6:50 - Interior
12:00 - Driving
16:05 - Highway and driver assist (Driver+)

We encourage you to engage in our active comment section and share your takeaways from the video above. What do you like most about the Rivian R1T? What would you change if you could? Do you see yourself in an electric pickup truck in the future? Which model?

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