Platform sharing will be extremely common among the brands now under the Stellantis umbrella, so it comes as no surprise that the replacement for the MiTo three-door city car (discontinued in 2019) will be based on the e-CMP platform (now known as STLA Small). This means the upcoming small EV will be related to the Peugeot e-208 or the Opel Corsa-e.

The chance that it could be built on the Fiat-developed EV platform, so far used only in the 500e, is slim because we don’t know how scalable it is and we’ve already seen the Peugeot-derived platform used in larger vehicles (even sedans) built in China. And Stellantis wants to push its own platforms in favor of ones developed by the carmakers it has taken over.

The vehicle will be electric only - no ICE version planned - but we really don’t know that much about other than that it right now. Alfa Romeo has confirmed that it will be moving away from the three-door design in favor of a more practical five-door layout. 

According to Alfa Romeo UK boss Damien Dally, who spoke to Autocar,

The brand has a history of selling compact sporty cars, like the Alfasud, and it’s an interesting area of the market that’s high-volume and gives us a much wider offering. 

The Mito was a three-door car, but if it had had five doors, the market would have been so much bigger. The next step in the path to electrification is full electric, and compact cars blend well [with that] and use the car that’s most suitable to your needs.

We currently don’t expect it to have more power or range than the e-208, which has 134 horsepower and a 50 kWh battery pack that takes it just over 200 miles on one charge. So far all electric vehicles based on this platform have had this exact same configuration and none of them have all-wheel drive.

This may change in the future as Stellantis evolves the platform, which will also be used in an upcoming Jeep crossover expected to arrive in 2023. There is little chance that Jeep would only offer the model with front-wheel drive, so it’s reasonable to assume they have modified the platform to take a rear motor.

For the upcoming Alfa Romeo MiTo EV successor, this would bode well for a potential performance version that would be far quicker and more interesting with all-wheel drive. Stellantis announced STLA Small would offer a range of battery capacities between 37 kWh and 82 kWh, hinting at the fact that it will be used in a wide range of (front-wheel drive-biased) vehicles.

Alfa Romeo has still yet to launch its first EV and this is rumored to arrive in 2024. It could be an all-electric version of the new Tonale, only available as a plug-in hybrid, or it could be this new smaller hatchback that isn't quite confirmed yet, but as per the source report, it could already be in the works.

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