Coupe-like SUVs are a really hot ticket right now and the trend is really just as strong in many places around the world, including India where the Tata Curvv concept was conceived. Tata is a small crossover leader on its domestic market, but the Curvv previews a slightly larger and more posh high-rider with the oh-so fashionable fastback rear.

The manufacturer says it plans to have several powertrain options for the production Curvv, expected to debut in 2024, but the first one will be a pure-electric one. It is expected to be built on Tata’s Generation 2 platform, which supports dual-motor electric powertrains, but right now we have no word on specs, range or battery.

What we can talk about, though, is the way it looks. The study draws a lot on the small SUVs that are already in Tata’s range, but it feels like an evolution of that design, keeping things quite simple and restrained in the front. From the side, the vehicle looks quite tall and upright, but it’s certainly a good design as far as this type of vehicle goes.

Gallery: Tata Curvv Concept

The rear end is the most dramatic part of the vehicle, with the roofline that dips towards the rear, as well as a full-width light bar and even illumination around the rear glass - we presume this is some kind of exaggerated third brake light. Inside, Tata has gone for a minimalist approach, with a widescreen center infotainment display and another slightly smaller one in front of the driver.

We don’t know how close to production the exterior is, but the interior looks like it may not change much - the look appears similar overall to a new electric Kia, like the EV6, with a very similar layout and style. In terms of its size, the Curvv is expected to be similar to a Nissan Rogue Sport (also known as the Qashqai), but there is currently no word on price or where Tata intends to sell this model.

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