According to a recent article published by, the hulking GMC Hummer EV has a "mystery" button. While mystery buttons are more common on cars than you may think, this particular button is a different story.

You've probably pushed something in your car that appears to be a button, though it's inactive or just a "dummy." This is sometimes because your car doesn't have a feature that's available in upper trims or as an extra. My wife's Honda Odyssey has several inactive buttons, which drove us crazy when she first bought it.

That said, the Hummer EV's mystery button will eventually have a purpose, but GMC doesn't yet know what it will be. explains that while the button isn't currently assigned to a feature, GMC is asking Hummer EV owners to come up with ideas for its future assignment.

The button is on the round Drive Mode control that looks like a "toggle," though it's actually comprised of four separate buttons. Three of those buttons are assigned to various drive modes and/or features, though the fourth (the one in the 3 o'clock position, furthest to the right of the driver) doesn't yet serve a purpose. says it looks like an "H" inside of a triangle. The H is inverted, so it could be seen as a dumbbell, or possibly the front end of the vehicle (axle and wheels?). It's really hard to know what the graphic is supposed to be, and perhaps that's the point. 

At any rate, an employee of the website pushed the mystery button at a drive event only to get a message on the touchscreen that reads:

“Your Mode. Your Mission."

The publication asked GMC what the button is for, and the automaker confirmed that Hummer EV owners should submit their ideas for the button's future assignment. Once GMC has received a sufficient list of ideas, it will come to a decision and then activate the button via an over-the-air software update.

Head down to the comment section and let us know your ideas for the mystery button's future assignment. What do you think it will eventually control?

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