Despite some preconceptions, EVs are every bit as safe as internal combustion engine vehicles in the event of a crash.

Automakers are devoting huge resources into making sure their electric vehicles will protect the lives of their occupants. If you're not convinced of that, you should watch this video from Nissan Motor Company that documents how the Ariya electric crossover is crash tested at the Nissan Technical Center in Atsugi, Japan.

A team of engineers work to ensure than Nissan vehicles, including the all-new 2023 Ariya electric crossover SUV, offer a high level of safety in the event of a collision. Every Nissan vehicle is subjected to rigorous crash tests that include frontal-, side- and rear-impact collisions, in addition to tests that simulate accidents when pedestrians are on the road.

Engineers from Nissan's Passive Safety Evaluation Group uses these procedures to measure the force of an impact on the vehicle's body and structural components, as well as the effects on the driver and passengers. The latter are assessed via test dummies of various sizes and body types equipped with multiple sensors.

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"More than 100 data points are evaluated on the Ariya. Because the upcoming Ariya will be sold in many markets, we will conduct more than 400 tests from the early stages of development to market launch."

Gen Tanabe, Nissan Passive Safety Evaluation Group

Nissan says that many of the procedures employed for the Leaf were adapted for the Ariya, resulting in stricter safety measures than those required by regulations. Particular attention was given to the battery, with safety engineers ensuring the high-voltage pack is properly retained in the vehicle after a crash and maintains its structural integrity without the electrodes leaking. 

Nissan says it is working to keep vehicle occupants safer in various scenarios using its Safety Shield concept of active and passive safety measures. The main goals are to prevent collisions where possible and mitigate damage and injuries in case of unavoidable collisions.

US deliveries of the 2023 Ariya will begin this fall at more than 890 select Nissan dealers, starting with front-wheel drive models. All-wheel-drive models will follow in late fall.

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