As Tesla approaches the official launch of the Made-in-Texas (MIT) Tesla Model Y, new versions of the car are seen at the Tesla Giga Austin plant.

According to the latest flyover videos, over the past several days, a noticeable number of white MIT Model Y were produced and parked in front of the plant, joining the three-digit number of black and blue ones.

A recent Jeff Roberts video (via TeslaNorth) reveals also potentially the first red MIT Model Y, which leaves the plant building.

"I bet this is the one I saw speeding up the on-ramp a couple days ago! We'll probably see a lot more red Ys in the next few days."

It would mean that Tesla has started production of the Model Y in a total of four colors.  Time will tell whether we will see also a grey Model Y and some all-new colors.

It's believed that Tesla so far produced several hundred Model Y in Texas and, most likely, they are all equipped with Tesla's 4680-type cylindrical battery cells.

According to @SurTsla tweet (via Drive Tesla), recently two MIT Model Y were seen at a public Supercharging station in Round Rock, Texas.

One of them had a VIN number, which indicates that it's the #508 unit: 7SAYGDEE8NA000508.


The first customer deliveries were expected by the end of Q1 2022, but with just a few days to go, maybe the launch will slip into Q2? Tesla also remains silent about what is the exact spec of the car produced in Texas.

Tesla Giga Austin (Gigafactory 5) in Austin, Texas:

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