A well known Tesla hacker - green (@greentheonly) -  reports that when analyzing the new 2022.8.2 software update, he found a new Tesla car added to the list.

It's the Tesla Model Y Standard Range Plus (SR+), made in Texas and dated as of Q1 2022.

"Further analyzing 2022.8.2:
TX-made (2022Q1 dated) ModelY SR+ is added so I guess that would be the first car configuration out of that place pretty soon."

It might have to do something with the new Tesla Model Y AWD that we discovered on EPA's website several days ago.

This version has 279 miles (449 kilometers) of EPA range - 51 miles less than the current Long Range AWD version.

Considering very similar efficiency between the two (probably a similar weight) we thought that it might be equipped with LFP batteries, especially since the manufacturer previously announced that all Standard Range vehicles will be LFP-powered globally.

On the other hand, the Made-in-Texas (MIT) Tesla Model Y is expected to be powered by Tesla's new 4680-type cylindrical battery cells and structural battery pack. The chemistry has not been disclosed, but it's expected to be a high nickel one. We guess that such a configuration would result in lower weight, which would improve the efficiency over the Long Range AWD version.

In other words, we don't know what is really coming and the two (LFP-powered, and 4680-powered versions) might even be two separate projects. Especially since green reports "several" new battery types listed in the new software:

"Several new battery types added too (I don't dig in ECUs so I don't know what exactly they are)"


The Tesla Model Y with CATL's LFP batteries was launched in China in Q3 2021 and is produced at the Tesla Giga Shanghai plant, alongside the Long Range AWD/Performance versions, powered by 2170-type cylindrical cells, supplied by LG Chem's LG Energy Solution.

The LFP version has CLTC range of 545 km (339 miles), compared to 525 km (326 miles) in the previously used NEDC cycle in China.


Only time will tell what versions of the Tesla Model Y will be produced in Texas. The first cars should be delivered to customers later this month, so we will know more soon.

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