Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg (@Gf4Tesla) is a Twitter user that's tracking the comings and goings at Tesla's new Gigafactory near Berlin, Germany. The unofficial account often shares images from around the factory, and those that it recently shared are arguably nice on the eyes. 

As you can see from the tweet below, Tesla is lining up Model Y crossovers in perfect harmony ahead of the upcoming delivery event that's scheduled for March 22, 2022. We also included a video in the article, where you can see the larger images as well. Tesla will deliver the first 30 German-made Model Y SUVs to customers during the handover event.


It's becoming increasingly clear there are many more than 30 electric crossovers potentially ready to go. In addition, the Model Y's we see in the images may or may not be those that will be delivered to their owners next week.


Owners were told they'd get to watch their Model Y come off the assembly line to their own personal choice of music. Sure, it may be simulated, or the already completed cars are just driven to the exit of the line and then they roll out. However, it would make sense that the first 30 Model Y are inside the factory while the vehicles we see parked in the images are a separate batch that will remain there during the event. We'll have to wait to see exactly how it all plays out.

At any rate, it appears Tesla knew folks would be keeping a close eye on the factory, flying drones and snapping photos, because it's painstakingly parking the Model Y crossovers as shown in the tweets above and video below. There will also be plenty of press on hand at the event, so obviously, the factory, its grounds, and everything else in view must be looking as appealing as possible.

The Twitter user has also been posting images of other areas around the factory. Some of those images reveal continued construction, as well as new graffiti on the factory's external walls.


The festivities begin next week at Giga Berlin at 9 AM. Tesla has several details on the schedule, including the actual vehicle handover, which is scheduled from 1:30 to 2:30 PM. Prior to the deliveries, there will be some speeches, and Tesla has said that its "possible" CEO Elon Musk will be on hand.

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