Volkswagen is preparing to launch another important electric model after it recently revealed the ID Buzz, the model currently known as the Aero B, slated to arrive in 2023. We’re not sure the name will stick, though, and our money is on VW calling this the ID Aero, in order to preserve its electric model naming scheme.

So far, we have had a great look at the upcoming electric model’s side profile since Volkswagen chose to test prototypes on public roads completely uncovered, only disguising their fascias to look Jetta-esque. But now we have had our first glimpse of its front end, courtesy of a small image briefly shown during a presentation.

Gallery: Volkswagen Aero B Winter Spy Photos

It’s not very high quality, but you can see the shape of the headlights and the bumper, which we must say looks quite sporty with those big air intakes. Just like the rest of the ID range, the Aero sedan will lack a traditional grille, but based on this teaser, it will still draw in a lot of air through the front.

It is worth noting that the front end design of the vehicle just teased by VW doesn’t appear to be the same as the ID Space Vizzion (pictured below). The latter is a study revealed in 2019 announcing that Volkswagen was considering making an electric wagon. But it looks like it wants more differentiation between the two body styles.

In other words, it looks like the days of just simply making a wagon version of a sedan may be over in Wolfsburg. With the economies of scale brought about by the MEB platform, VW may be able to spend more on the design of each individual model, bestowing it with a more unique character.

VW ID. Space Vizzion live in LA

Between this teaser and the spy photos we’ve posted, the only mystery remains the rear end; the camouflage used by VW here really doesn’t show much of the rear light cluster design - there could even be a full width light bar hiding under there. One key point to make regarding the rear of the car is that it looks like it’s going to be a hatchback, not a traditional sedan.

If it’s anything like the ID Space Vizzion study, then there will be a light bar interrupted by the badge, as well as a bolder more unique light signature. But this is just guesswork at this point - that Jetta camouflage is has done a great job of preventing us from making out the actual design.

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