Volkswagen is expected to launch an all-new electric sedan sometime in 2023, based on its MEB platform that underpins all its electric offerings. We don’t yet know what the vehicle will be called, most likely another ID nameplate, but we do know what it looks like now thanks to a new batch of photos from our spies.

This lightly camouflaged prototype looked a lot like a Chinese Passat, but if you look more closely, you start to notice that many details are fake. The headlights, for instance, appear to be Passat-shaped, but they are in fact stickers disguising the shape of the vehicle’s actual clusters.

The prototype also appeared to have a fake grille, just a big piece of matte black vinyl with some horizontal bars running through it, but it actually doesn’t have an opening of any kind in that area - no ID-badged Volkswagen has a grille, the only air they draw in through the front comes from the wide opening in the lower part of the bumper.

Gallery: Volkswagen Electric Sedan spied

We also noticed the flush door handles like the ones on the ID.4, and there’s a very deep crease in the lower side of the doors. The side skirts on this particular car were quite sporty looking, but they’re actually a pretty good match for the vehicle’s coke bottle side lines.

There’s also camouflage hiding the actual design of the rear end. There are fake rear light stickers and here there’s no real hint what the real ones look under the camo. The lower part of the rear bumper has what appears to be quite a large black apron, but most of it is covered up in white vinyl and they even made some fake fake exhausts to really make this unassuming prototype blend in.

Regarding its powertrain, we know it’s going to be a rear-wheel drive vehicle, but some all-wheel drive variants will be available. If Volkswagen has extended the wheelbase over the ID.3 and ID.4, then it will also be able to fit a larger size battery pack, and the vehicle certainly looks long in some of the side view shots.

Before the vehicle’s debut in 2023, Volkswagen will probably unveil in late 2022, and there may even be a close-to-production concept made too. And even though we have no indication that Volkswagen is planning a hot GTX version of the still unnamed electric sedan, we see no reason why they shouldn’t make one.

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