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What’s the Buzz About?

Volkswagen is proceeding with a $2.2 billion factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. The new factory will produce VW’s new electric car, a flagship model with a high level of efficiency and cleaner to manufacture.

The “Trinity” Project’s goal is to achieve a range of around 435 miles and a significantly shorter charging time. VW hopes to launch the Trinity Project by 2026. In other VW news, VW released the details of the ID.Buzz this week (check the video above for more details)

Sony Vision-S 02 SUV Concept

Let’s Partner Up

Sony and Honda are exploring the possibility of a joint venture to assemble electric vehicles. Although the plan isn’t completely set, the two companies have inked a memorandum of understanding with the hopes to sell by 2025.

According to officials from both companies, Honda will own the manufacturing rights of the vehicles, while Sony will build a mobility service platform through image sensing, telecommunication, and network and entertainment technologies. What does a Honda/Sony EV look like and how will it be different?

Kia Goals

We have a Kia Niro EV as a company car, and it’s a fairly simple vehicle, but it’s also a fantastic vehicle. My partner mainly drives it and he prefers it way more than his ICE vehicle. If Kia can do this early on in its EV life, what’s next? Kia will tell us.

Kia wants to launch two new electric vehicles each year until 2027, totaling up to 14 cars. The first of these EVs will be the EV9 large SUV. Kia also has plans for two EV pickups. The company plans to invest around $23 billion over the next five years to jumpstart the campaign. 

It’s Back

Formula 1 is back next week, and F1 cars use an Energy Recovery System that includes an energy store, so that means we can talk about it here. Let’s talk about Aston Martin

Aston Martin plans to develop “high-performance battery cell technology” with Britishvolt to begin its venture into the electric vehicle market with a battery-electric vehicle launch by 2025. The two teams have signed an MOU and will work together on the R&D to develop the battery pack. Who is your driver? Kimi is retired, so I’ll go with the shoey man himself, Danny Ric.  

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