According to recent news published by Autocar, Volkwagen's future Project Trinity EV puts major emphasis on its interior. In fact, VW says when the Project Trinity EV comes to market, it will be the first production car the automaker has ever "developed from the inside out." VW sales chief Klaus Zellmer shared:

" ... “for the first time, we are developing a car from the inside out.

Trinity is doing a lot of new things. It’s about the architecture, and our goal is to define it by deciding what we’re going to do in the car for our customers.

We call Trinity a time machine, because it will take us to autonomous driving and free up your time while in it. Trinity is a companion for life: for leisure time, family time and so on.”

Company executives pointed out that the car has to be designed with the interior in mind since it will focus on autonomous driving. Much like Tesla CEO Elon Musk's comments about the Model S Plaid last evening, with its landscape touch screen, rear-seat infotainment screen, and PlayStation 5 performance, these features will be greatly appreciated once the car is driving itself.

The four-door Project Trinity sedan won't arrive until 2026, and it will be one of the first VW cars to be built on the brand's latest SSP architecture. It will also have a brand-new next-gen software suite to power its advanced cabin technology.

According to Volkswagen, the Trinity will come to market with Level 3 semi-autonomous driving technology. With Level 3, the car will be able to drive itself in many situations, though the driver will be able to engage. The company's plan is to graduate to a Level 4 system by 2030, give or take. Level 4 doesn't require any human engagement.

The Trinity will be built on a skateboard platform and feature generous interior space with multiple uses, reclining seats, and a minimalistic dashboard. We'll have to wait to learn more, but if VW can pull this off, it will likely make big waves in the segment.

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