While the all-new Hyundai Ioniq 5 missed out on a few awards and lists of the top new EVs due to the timing of its launch, it has still been lucky to be the winner of several prestigious awards in 2021 and 2022. However, now, it takes home an honor that is arguably much more coveted than many other awards. The Ioniq 5 was named the overall UK Car of the Year award winner, as well as the Best Family Car.

The Ioniq 5 had already been chosen as the Best Family Car in the UK Car of the Year Awards shortlist. Some 29 judges from many different backgrounds and publications chose the innovative electric crossover to receive the title. Not long after, it was chosen by the same panel to be the top pick among all cars, not just electric vehicles or classmates.

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This Hyundai all-electric crossover took the win thanks in part to its impressive 298-mile range, eye-catching design, exceptional fast-charging capability, solid overall performance, and much more. Judges referred to the Ioniq 5 as “the future of motoring" that has already arrived. According to Hyundai's press release, Editor and Managing Director of the UK Car of the Year Awards John Challen shared:

“The Hyundai IONIQ 5 feels like the future of motoring, only it's here today. The design, performance and practicality make it a fantastic proposition for those looking for an EV – and also a very worthy winner of the title ‘UK Car of the Year 2022’.”

In reference to Ioniq 5's other award as the Best Family Car, judges noted that it makes it easy for people to switch to an electric vehicle. The all-new Hyundai electric crossover was praised for being “innovative, desirable, practical, and brilliantly designed to make full use of its electric-only platform.”

Managing Director at Hyundai Motor UK Ashley Andrew pointed out that the Ioniq 5 has worked to get the attention of car shoppers across the UK. He calls it stylish, premium, and family-friendly. Now that it has been named the UK Car of the Year, it's likely even more people may be interested in considering it.

Hyundai had already proven it could produce compelling EVs ahead of launching the Ioniq 5, but the new entry is its first electric vehicle built on Hyundai's proprietary, purpose-built EV architecture. The brand's innovative new Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) will be used for future EVs, and it offers increased range, faster charging, improved handling, and outstanding interior space.

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