The Tesla Model Y continues to be the default option for many when it comes to electric crossovers. With great range, plenty of tech and more than enough performance it's a tough package to beat. But how does one hold up after 34,000 miles and almost 2 years of ownership? YouTuber Gjeebs lets us know in his latest video.

Battery Degradation

Gjeebs originally had a max range of 316 miles per the Tesla app. It now displays 288 miles, meaning (on paper) 9% degradation. That said, Tesla does not clearly inform you of battery health.

Software Updates

Some updates have frustrated Gjeebs, with the relocation of certain buttons becoming at times illogical (such as the heated seats option being moved). However in general the OTA updates have added more features and improved the infotainment.


His white seats have held up well. He regularly uses seat cleaner to keep them like new.


Gjeebs has paint protection which helps with small pebbles and rocks. He noted it isn't essential but is a good option.

Alloys & Tires

Two tires had to be replaced prematurely. Replacing tires with Tesla is an expensive and timely process, going to a third party is a better option according to Gjeebs. His alloys have held up well with no scratches. 

Mechanical Issues

Gjeebs has no major mechanical issues with his car, but then again he only has 34,000 miles on it. He noted his Y is reliable with access to a great, consistent charging network.


Gjeebs did note there was an annoying rattle in the back of his car, something he described as "unbearable" when music is off. He intends on finding and fixing it ASAP. 

In summary, Gjeebs is clearly very happy with his Model Y after owning it for almost 2 years. There has been no major mechanical problems, and in general the car has held up remarkably well.

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