Ford is in a process of unprecedented expansion of all-electric vehicle manufacturing capacity, which highly accelerated due to strong demand.

The current short-term target is to scale up the production to 600,000 all-electric vehicles globally by the end of 2023.

Ford CEO Jim Farley shared an interesting video about the process, stating that "The Ford team is unstoppable when we set our mind to something" and "That's just the beginning."

It really looks like the entire company is now focused on bringing electric vehicles out in volume.


Let's recall that Ford is focusing on its three initial battery-electric vehicles - the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Ford E-Transit and Ford F-150 Lightning.

The Mach-E volume is expected to reach over 200,000 annually by 2023 (globally), while the Ford F-150 Lightning is now expected to reach 160,000 annually (after doubling the target twice). On top of that comes the Ford E-Transit (produced separately in North America and Europe). The production in the US already started:


There will be more electric vehicles from Ford, but an introduction of some of them in the US was postponed to focus on scaling up the existing ones (like the Mach-E). Tesla has a similar approach to prioritize the expansion rather than add more models.

Nonetheless, new electric Fords are coming too. In Europe, Ford will launch at least one electric car, based on the Volkswagen MEB platform. The first model - a small crossover/SUV is expected in 2023.

The European electrification plan assumes 600,000 MEB-based EVs over six years, starting in 2023, which indicates 100,000 per year on average.

Together with EV production, Ford is investing in three new battery gigafactories in Tennessee and Kentucky.

It's really great to see that the company is finally fully onboard with electrification. If that's "just the beginning," then in the next few years there might be a pretty high wave of new Ford electric vehicles.

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