Besides the Rimac Nevera, no production EV has managed to give the Tesla Model S Plaid headaches on the drag strip, not even the 1,111-hp Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance.

Recently, we've seen the Model S smoke the Lucid Air in a series of drag races, and we also know that the Porsche Taycan Turbo S stands no chance to the might unleashed by the Plaid's tri-motor powertrain. 

That said, three-car drag races are always fun to watch, and this latest one from DragTimes that pits the Tesla Model S Plaid against the Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance and Porsche Taycan Turbo S makes no exception. We all know how it will end, but that doesn't mean we won't watch it. 

For added visual effect, the Porsche was placed between the Tesla and the Lucid, helping the viewer better understand the difference between 750 horsepower and 1,000+ horsepower.

The whole point of this series of races (two drag races and one roll race) is to see it from the perspective of the Taycan Turbo S driver. As he says at one point in the video, his 750-hp Porsche just can't hang with the 1,111-hp Lucid and 1,020-hp Tesla, even though it's by far the most expensive of the bunch—it costs $218,000, almost twice as much as the Plaid ($124,000) and significantly more than the Air ($169,000).

Of course, peak power is far from the only thing that matters in a drag race, so here's a short reminder of the key specs of these three performance EVs.

Starting with the Tesla, it's got 1,020-hp from a tri-motor AWD powertrain with no transmission and it weighs 4,833 pounds. The Lucid boasts 1,111 horsepower from a two-motor AWD powertrain with no transmission and it tips the scales at 5,236 pounds. 

As for the Porsche, it packs up to 750 hp in overboost mode from a two-motor AWD powertrain that features a two-speed transmission. Besides being the most expensive, it's also the heaviest at 5,300 pounds.

Time to hit play on the video above and see how badly the Taycan Turbo S got beaten.

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