This Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta tester claims that this is the "BALLSIEST" move he's ever seen the technology perform. We've seen plenty of crazy footage from FSD Beta testers, but we have to agree, it's certainly interesting to see the driver-assistance system even attempt such a maneuver, let alone perform it successfully.

YouTube channel Tesla Chauffeur explains that Tesla's FSD Beta system needed to make an unprotected left turn, which is already one of the more difficult tasks for such technology. I'm currently teaching my daughter to drive, as she's on her permit. I can share that the only close calls we've had to date have been related to unprotected left turns, which proved to be just as scary for me as they were for the rookie.

Several FSD Beta testers have been repeatedly "practicing" unprotected lefts to share footage related to whether or not the technology is improving with each subsequent update. However, in this case, the situation is further complicated by a line of stopped cars in the Tesla's path.

As you can see, the car, which is reportedly operating with FSD Beta engaged, begins to proceed toward a space between the stopped cars. Meanwhile, the driver starts chanting "No, no, no, no way," since he's likely concerned about what the car might do. However, he allows it to proceed with caution.

The Tesla sneaks into the spot between the lineup of cars and proceeds to complete a successful unprotected left turn as traffic is coming from at least two other directions. While it certainly amazes the driver, and it's likely to impress anyone who's watching, it seems there's still plenty of inconsistency with the technology.

Just because FSD Beta works for this driver under these circumstances isn't any indication that it will work the same in the future, not only for this Tesla owner, but also for other beta testers as well.

Once you've watched the 25-second clip, let us know what you think. Would you have allowed the Tesla to proceed without intervention? If you were driving the car yourself (no technology), would you attempt a move like this? Should Tesla's FSD Beta system even try to initiate such challenging maneuvers?

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