Last week, we reported about how the EPA range of all-electric vehicles has changed since 2011. The median and maximum values are increasing almost every year (for a particular model year vehicle), with some exceptions for a variety of reasons.

In the new weekly presentation, the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office highlights how the electric vehicles' range (EPA) corresponds to the gasoline vehicles' range, from the same 2021 model year.

As it turns out, the top all-electric vehicles barely reach the median value for gasoline vehicles, which last year was 403 miles.

2021 model year vehicles:

  • BEVs
    Median: 234 miles (377 km)
    Maximum: 405 miles (652 km)
  • Gasoline vehicles
    Median: 403 miles (648 km)
    Maximum: 765 miles (1,231 km)

The difference between the medians is 169 miles (272 km), which means that gasoline vehicles have about a 72% higher median. In the case of the maximum value, the difference is 360 miles (579 km) or 89% more.

That's quite a significant disproportion, but we know that already this year, the 2022 Lucid Air with 520 miles (837 km) of EPA range will significantly improve the BEVs' maximum value.

It's an open question how well the median will increase, but we guess that over the next few years, the median will move towards 250 miles and beyond - maybe even to 300 miles at some point in the future.


"Note: Range for EVs is based on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates for a single charge. Range for gasoline vehicles is based on tank size and EPA combined fuel economy rating.

Source: U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, website, accessed November 4, 2021."

With the crucial difference between the two types in the form of home charging (almost always a fully charged vehicle in the morning), BEVs might not need to reach as high of a median range - even if technically it will be possible someday. Customers are expeced to select less expansive vehicles, especially if there is a good fast charging infrastructure for use from time to time.

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