Anyone can jump into an electric car and drive it just like a gas car. There's not really anything you absolutely have to learn, aside from figuring out how and where to plug it in. However, the more you know about your EV and how to take the best care of it, the better off you'll be, which can really be said about anything you own.

Some people may tell you that EVs aren't good for winter weather. You may be thinking an electric car is a bad idea if you live in an area that experiences , mostly due to range loss and slow charging. While EVs definitely have less range in colder weather, and they may take longer to charge, they're still excellent vehicles no matter what type of climate you live in.

That said, understanding how winter weather impacts an electric car can prove extremely helpful for EV owners. Fortunately, you'll find many articles and videos on the topic, especially this time of year. The video above, which was published by YouTube channel DoctaM3, provides some welcome advice about driving a Tesla Model Y in the winter. The channel notes:

"Driving an electric car in the winter is a bit different from a regular car. What are some of the things that are common and what is different with a Tesla?"

More specifically, the video focuses on how you can better prep your Tesla, or any electric car, for winter weather. It's broken down into multiple categories, which are labeled in the video, including tires, battery care, folding mirrors, floor mats, and washer fluid.

As you can see, a majority of the categories are the same as those you might pay attention to when getting a gas car ready for winter, though there are several other considerations related to gas cars that don't really apply to EVs. The bulk of the video focuses on battery care, which makes sense since it's the most important part, and the one new EV owners aren't likely to fully understand.

Check out the battery care section starting at the 3:20-mark. The video explains how much range you can expect to lose in cold weather, the importance of pre-conditioning your battery, and precisely how to do it, among other details.

Once you've had a chance to watch, start a conversation in the comment section to help others better understand how to be good winter weather EV owners.

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