As you may have heard, Tesla Model Y and Model 3 owners in Canada are having issues with their cars' heat pumps. This is a major problem that could be life-threatening, so it needs to be addressed and fixed as soon as possible.

That said, Transport Canada has put the cars under an “Issue Assessment Investigation.” The investigation is specifically related to Tesla's HVAC systems and potential problems with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in frigid weather.

The government organization has not yet issued a recall. However, automakers must make Transport Canada aware of defects and potential safety concerns, and the information must be shared with all impacted owners.

Thus far, the organization has received at least 16 complaints from Model 3 and Y owners in Canada. As we previously reported, the complaints pertain to a lack of heat in extremely cold weather. 

Transport Canada is working to figure out exactly what the issues are and whether or not they pose a real safety concern. However, at this point, according to a report by Teslarati, the organization's primary concern is the fact that the cars may not be able to appropriately clear the windshield for safe visibility. This is not only the ice or snow on the outside of the windshield, but also the "fog" that collects while driving, which can freeze and inhibit visibility.

We can only assume that Transport Canada also has concerns with the lack of heat, in general. However, Tesla owners can preheat their vehicles, make an effort to park them indoors, and use seat heaters for warmth. This isn't ideal, but it may assure that people remain relatively warm and safe while Tesla finalizes an over-the-air software update to correct the issue, which appears to have been caused by a previous firmware update.

Tesla's heat pump is a relatively new feature on the Model 3 and Model Y that's supposed to help in cold weather, especially related to range. However, if the software isn't working correctly in the coldest weather, it needs to be updated immediately.

Thankfully, Tesla is aware of the problem and working to fix it. In fact, Teslarati reported that a Tesla technician shared the following message on a Tesla Owner's Club forum:

“Tesla is taking this cold weather climate problem very seriously – they’re very worried about the safety of drivers and have definitely prioritized this issue.”

Hopefully, Tesla will be able to roll out the update ASAP. In the meantime, there's a chance a recall could happen. If you own a Model Y or Model 3 – and live in an area with cold weather – be sure to follow the necessary steps to remain safe and warm. You can find the most recent suggestions in the first article linked below. Moreover, if your windshield begins to fog up, pull off the road and clear it before continuing to drive.

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