This Tesla Model Y owner took delivery of the electric crossover not long after it came to market. Now that he's had nearly two years with the EV, he's got plenty to share. If you're considering placing an order for the Model Y, another Tesla vehicle, or any other EV, this long-term ownership video is arguably a good place to start.

The Model Y came to market almost two years ago, in March 2020. It's currently selling exceedingly well, and, according to some reports, has even outsold its smaller, cheaper sibling – the Model 3 – in the US and China during specific months.

We rarely hear from Tesla owners who hate their cars. In fact, it seems many agree that their Teslas are the best cars they've ever owned. However, that doesn't mean these cars of free of problems. In fact, since Tesla is a newer automaker, and the Model Y is its newest model, owners have certainly had their fair share of issues, especially related to build quality.

That said, people are typically excited about any new car, and that excitement and fascination are likely elevated if the car is a new and popular electric vehicle. Some people can be so thrilled with their new ride that they're willing to overlook issues or concerns. However, after nearly two years of ownership, you'd think the owner would have a plethora of details to share, good and bad.

Tesla owner Gjeebs talks at length about the Model Y ownership experience over the last year and a half, though it would be fair to say, he talks about life and EV ownership, in general. More specifically, he stresses why you should opt for a Tesla over any other EV. Interestingly, the video begins with Gjeebs setting out on a road trip to attend Out of Spec's recent EV event to check out a host of other electric cars, so at least he's doing his homework.

As Gjeebs warns, the video is full of rants and tangents, which may work to keep you smiling and entertained. If you're going to take the time to watch a long video review, it helps if it makes you laugh while learning. With the current state of the world, we welcome comedy and silliness.

While he admits that the Model Y isn't as refined, luxurious, or smooth to drive as many luxury crossovers, he says Tesla is the best option for people making the switch from a gas car to an electric car. He also says that you may grow impatient waiting to take delivery of a Tesla, but it's worth the wait. No other automaker offers an experience quite like Tesla does thanks to the Supercharger network, over-the-air updates, Autopilot, and much more.

Once you've had an opportunity to watch the Model Y long-term ownership review, head down to our active comment section and start a conversation. What's your overall impression of the Model Y? Would you choose it over the Model 3 even though it's much more expensive? Is there a Model Y rival that piques your interest?

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