At the moment, Hyundai Motor Group offers three dedicated electric vehicles based on the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP): the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6, and Genesis GV60

They are pretty different when it comes to design, with the Ioniq 5 being arguably the most distinct of the trio. That’s not to say the EV6 and GV60 look similar, but they’re closer to one another than each is to the Ioniq 5 from a styling perspective.

That said, which one is the better electric vehicle? That’s the question the team from South Korea’s Motorgraph World tries to answer by pitting the Kia EV6 against the Genesis GV60.

Now, before delving into the comparison video, you should know that the featured vehicles are not configured similarly. The Genesis GV60 is a Performance AWD model with 435 PS (429 hp), while the Kia EV6 is in Long Range RWD guise with 229 PS (226 hp).

With that out of the way, presenter Mari Cho starts by analyzing the design. She appears to like the styling of the EV6 better, but that’s obviously for each viewer to decide. 

The video compares the main aspects of the two EVs back to back, so it should be pretty useful for customers who have a hard time deciding between these two models. 

A significant part of the video is dedicated to the electric crossovers’ interiors, with the reviewer pointing out that the Genesis feels a bit more upscale than the Kia. That shouldn’t be too surprising given the different market positioning of the two brands.

When it comes to practicality, the EV6 and GV60 offer similar characteristics, although the former has the seats mounted lower so you get a sportier driving position—and a driver-focused cockpit, too. 

The video also includes driving impressions and some drag races, so make sure you check it out to get an idea of which Korean EV would be better for you.

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