Probably the most highly anticipated electric Volkswagen ever, the ID Buzz is expected to debut sometime in 2022 with retro-inspired styling hiding modern electric power and tech. It will be built on the MEB architecture, just like all of the smaller electric offerings from Volkswagen, but it will get the largest battery pack so far fitted to a vehicle underpinned by this platform.

With 111 kWh, the Buzz will be able to travel for up to 373 miles (600 km) on one charge and it won’t be a slouch either. Volkswagen has not confirmed the output, but it is believed the most powerful Buzz will have at least 369 horsepower and all-wheel drive, and while it will be quite a heavy vehicle too (possibly close to 2.4 tons in this configuration), it should still be quick (zero to sixty in under 5 seconds is what we’re expecting).


Buyers who opt for the Buzz Cargo, which only has seats up front and dedicates the entire rear section to cargo carrying duties, will be able to get it with a very small 48 kWh battery pack and around 150 horsepower. This version will make sense for fleets because it will be the cheapest to buy.

It will also feature all the advanced pieces of tech that we’ve already seen in other VW ID products, but it will be the most practical and unique looking of them all. We too are excited about this model because it will remind buyers that a van-type vehicle is far more practical than a crossover, it’s a more sensible practical buy.

Keep in mind that even though in Europe it will be shown next year, in order to get one in the US, you will have to wait until 2024 and not all Euro versions of the Buzz will be offered in the States. Until then, check out VW’s latest teaser giving us an even better glimpse at the model that we’ve pretty much already seen fully uncovered.

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