There has been plenty of buzz online about the potential for folding rear seats in the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck. We remember a few people tweeted at and/or replied to Tesla CEO Elon Musk asking about it, and even suggested that it would be a solid option if the electric pickup truck's rear seats folded down revealing access to the vehicle's bed, or vault, as Tesla calls it.

Musk has provided a few recent teasers related to the truck, though as far as we understand, neither Musk nor Tesla has spoken in any official capacity about folding rear seats. With the Rivian R1T now being delivered to customers, it seems the idea is popping up again. For those unaware, the R1T not only has a gear tunnel behind the rear seats, but it's also accessible from inside the cabin.

A recent patent has revealed new potential details about Tesla's hulking electric pickup, but arguably the most compelling is the fact that the Cybertruck may feature split-folding second-row seats.


According to Teslarati, the front seats don't seem to look any different in the patent than they did in the Cybertruck prototype. However, the new folding rear seats are definitely something that wasn't revealed before.

Why would one want folding rear seats in their Tesla Cybertruck? The Kilowatts posted the following tweets on the subject:


We can think of plenty of reasons this functionality could prove very helpful. Anything that makes a vehicle more practical and versatile, as well as offering options that some folks may use on a regular basis, is arguably a positive.

What do you think? Are folding rear seats in the Tesla Cybertruck a "game-changer?" Will people even want them? Should they be optional? How about the fact that it appears they'll be of the 60/40-split variety?

Fortunately, Musk plans to use the upcoming Tesla Q4 Earnings Call to reveal more details about the upcoming electric truck. Perhaps he'll talk about the potential for folding rear seats. Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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