The market launch of the Ford F-150 Lightning is coming and, as previously announced, the order bank will open soon.

According to the info posted on the forum, including detailed instructions of the ordering processes, both retail and commercial customers will be able to place orders starting in January 2022.

However, due to overwhelming demand and nearly 200,000 reservations, reservation holders first will get a notification that not all of them will have an opportunity to place an order for the 2022 model year Ford F-150 Lightning.

Once the ordering platform is launched, Ford will send invitations to reservation holders in waves - in approximately two-week intervals until the 22MY production capacity is fulfilled.

Reservation holders will have an option to proceed, change their configuration (if their desired configuration is unavailable), wait for another year, or cancel.

"Once 22MY production capacity is met, all remaining reservation holders will be notified that their next ordering opportunity will be for a subsequent model year. Again, they will be given the option to hold their reservation or cancel for a full refund at anytime."

Dealers might trigger prioritization of orders - but only up to 25 prioritized units to make sure that the launch will be spread nationwide.

Available prioritization volume per dealer in 2022:

  • Max 5 if has less than 50 reservations
  • Max 10 if has between 50 and 100 reservations
  • Max 25 if has more than 100 reservations

It's unknown how many Ford F-150 Lightning will be produced in 2022. What we do know is that the planned manufacturing capacity of 80,000 in 2024 will be doubled, which indicates 160,000 per year.

Another thing is that we don't know whether all versions will be available and produced right from the start or only some of the versions.

The instruction includes an example (only for illustrative purposes, we guess, as there are ICE descriptions), which indicates:

  • Platinum: $79,500 - est. delivery in Summer 2022
  • Lariat: $74,410 - est. delivery in Summer 2022
  • XLT: $65,450 - est. delivery in Fall 2022
  • Pro: $56,410 - est. delivery in Fall 2023

There is also a $73,000 Lariat selected in the example (before the $7,500 federal text credit and without DST as we understand).

Another part of the description lists several options (internal codes):

  • Pro 110A
  • XLT 311A
  • XLT 312A
  • LARIAT 510A
  • LARIAT 511A
  • Platinum 710A

There are also two battery versions: Standard Range Battery and Extended Range Battery.

Several months ago, Ford announced that the entry-level version will start at $39,974, but the top-of-the-line version might cost more than $90,000 (see initial specs here, the Pro is envisioned for professionals).

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