Not long ago, US-based startup electric automaker Rivian started delivering its R1T electric pickup. However, the first deliveries were reserved for employees. Now, it seems the automaker is starting to deliver the electric pickup truck to others. 

A new Rivian R1T owner (u/Iwantatesla) posted on Reddit showing off some images of his new truck, which is wearing the brand's El Cap Granite exterior paint. The owner posted not only to share his excitement about the recent delivery, but also to open up a forum for people to "ask me anything," or AMA. 

We've embedded the Reddit post below:


Needless to say, people following the thread seem quite excited. However, right off the bat, some asked the new R1T owner if he's a Rivian employee or has any ties to Rivian. He said while he'd love to work for Rivian, he's not employed by or linked to the electric automaker in any way, aside from being a new owner.

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It's also important to note that the Reddit user, whose name is a bit of a giveaway, also owns a new Tesla Model S Plaid.

What would you ask a new Rivian R1T owner, especially one who's reportedly not an employee of the company and owns a Tesla, too? Fortunately, you can head to Reddit and share your questions.

Thus far, there have been several questions, which the owner is working to answer, though it appears it's going to take some time. One user asked:

"Main things I'm curious about:

  • Highway speed range
  • Time to charge from ~10-60% at a CCS charger that can deliver max rate to the truck.
  • Is there a manual way to open the tonneau cover so it's not stuck closed if the motor breaks
  • How's the build quality compare to your Plaid? Our 2016 S was great compared to our 2020 Y.

IwantaTesla responded:

"Man these are tricky and I’ll say mainly due to the driving modes and suspension. On a truck this large the ride height will materially affect highway range. I’ll have to see. I haven’t had it long enough to drive it anywhere significant yet.

I’ll need to find a CCS charger lol

I’ll get back to you on that. Im sure there is since there’s an open button inside.

Pretty darn good build quality. I’ve never really had any issues with my Tesla’s but my plaid’s gaps are even and tight. This too. We’ll see what squeaks or rattles I find as I drive it more (hopefully I won’t)."

Check out the Reddit thread to read more questions and answers. Perhaps you can submit your own questions as well.

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