Mitsubishi has unveiled its first-ever all-electric SUV at Auto Guangzhou 2021, the Airtrek.

Reviving an old nameplate used on the first-generation Outlander, the battery-powered SUV was developed (and will be built) by GAC Mitsubishi Motors Co, the Japanese automaker’s vehicle production and sales joint venture in China.

Speaking of GAC, the Mitsubishi Airtrek seems to be based on the Chinese company’s Aion V electric SUV, although the Japanese carmaker’s press release does not mention anything about that. However, there are several clues that lead us to believe the Airtrek is indeed a restyled, rebadged Aion V.

First of all, the Mitsubishi has the same width (75.6 in/1,920 mm), height (68 in/1,728 mm) and wheelbase (111.4 in/2,830 mm) as the Aion, with only the length differing—182.3 in (4,630 mm) for the former versus 180.6 (4,586 mm) for the latter.

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In addition, styling elements like the side profile (check out the shapes of the doors and windows) hint at the Airtrek being based on the Aion V, as does the dashboard layout. Of course, the front and rear ends are completely different and in tune with Mitsubishi’s styling language.

The powertrain also supports our assumption as the Mitsubishi Airtrek features a 70-kWh battery that’s good for a driving range of 520 km (323 miles) in the CLTC cycle—yes, the Aion V also offers a 70 kWh battery with an identical range.

Mitsubishi says the battery is installed in the center of the floor for an ideal front-rear weight distribution and a low center of gravity. The press release adds that the motor, inverter, and reduction drive have been integrated into a single lightweight, compact unit, “combined with a driving system that delivers high output and torque inside a lightweight, high-rigidity body.

The automaker does not reveal power and torque ratings, but local media reports claim the Airtrek has a single electric motor making 135 kW (181 hp)—once again, just like the Aion V.

The Mitsubishi Airtrek will go on sale in China in spring, with launch prices ranging from 210,000 to 240,000 yuan ($32,880–$37,570).

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