Alpha Motors is an electric vehicle startup that has shown several cool (retro-inspired) models, for which it accepting reservations, and now it is adding yet another, the Alpha Saga sedan. The company has already unveiled the Ace coupe, the Jax raised version of the coupe, the Wolf pickup truck and the Superwolf crew cab pickup.

From a design standpoint, it looks pretty much like a four-door sedan version of the ACE coupe, it measures 4.7 meters (185 inches) in length, it’s 1.91 meters (75 inches) wide and it can be equipped with wheels ranging from 16- to 18-inch. The manufacturer says it can seat five passengers, it has 14 cubic-feet of cargo room and the interior feels premium and has all the modern features you’d expect.

Just like the Ace, it looks distinctly retro in its design, with a look that has more than whiff of sporty Japanese cars from the 1980. We really like the tapering body and the bulging wheel arches that just give this vehicle a great stance, as well as the small blacked out mirrors that accentuate the retro vibe.

Gallery: Alpha Saga Electric Sedan

On the performance side, information is not yet very clear or detailed. You can get the Saga with a single motor driving the rear wheels, or dual-motor all-wheel drive and it can sprint to sixty in 6 seconds. Its battery features thermal management and you will be able to fast charge it, but when it comes to its capacity or charging speed, we don’t have any official information yet.

The company points out that all the specifications it currently has on its official website are merely projected estimations that are surely subject to change when the vehicle will go into production. When will that be? Well, Alpha’s first model will be the Wolf pickup and that’s expected to debut in Q4 2023, so the sedan won’t arrive any earlier than 2024 (and we still don’t know where they will be built).

We've still yet to see any kind of real prototype or even a rolling chassis from this company driving around, and this keeps us from getting overly excited about this project whose offerings are actually quite cool and unique, at least from a visual standpoint.

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