The Made-in-China (MIC) Tesla Model Y from the Tesla Giga Shanghai are now equipped with a new cargo cover. Previously, the lack of such asolution was sometimes a topic of complaint among customers.

According to EVOffer (Tesla Offer) from Hong Kong, who was the first to report about the new cargo cover, it's foldable (Z shape) and has a magnetic mechanism to hold it in place. Let's take a look at the video:

"MIC Model Y now comes with OEM Cargo Cover!
Car delivered in Hong Kong starting from yesterday comes with the cargo cover. It cannot be lifted but instead you can push it forward and make it a Z shape. There is a magnetic mechanism which holds the cover in place."


The cargo cover right from the factory was expected at least since November 9, when it was noticed that new cars have a ledge for the cover.

An interesting thing is that, according to EVOffer (Tesla Offer), not only new cars can get the cargo cover - there will be a "free retrofit" for older Model Y.

"Yes. All new Model Y will come with the OEM Cargo Cover.

Model Y delivering in Hong Kong later this month will come with the cover and all delivered Y will be eligible for free retrofit.

Stay tuned! We will post the demo when we get the cargo cover!"


Since Tesla Giga Shanghai produces cars for China, surrounding markets and Europe (at least until the plant in Germany is ready), we guess that Europe will soon get similarly equipped cars.

The question is whether we will see it also in North America, for which the cars are produced in California. Tesla usually introduces updates and then propagates them to other models and plants, so we can assume that it's only a matter of time.

That's another small feature that Tesla adds to match the competition in areas previously a bit neglected. It happened before with some driver assist features and a heated steering wheel to name just a few. One of the bigger things in the future might be fully adaptive headlights.

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