Reports from various parts of the U.S. indicate that Tesla has started deployment of SpaceX Starlink dishes at Supercharging stations to offer Wi-Fi access (not all sites have W-Fi).

The move was actually announced by Tesla's COE Elon Musk in October and now at least thea first few sites were equipped with SpaceX Starlink dishes.


On November 13, 2021, Brandon Starr shared a photo from a V3 Tesla Supercharger in Lisbon, Connecticut, which shows a rectangular satellite dish used for Starlink.

"looks like Tesla started to add starlink dishes to supercharger stations. This one is at a 250kw supercharger in Lisbon CT. First starlink dish I’ve seen in person. It be a great idea for Tesla to use V3 charger as ground stations in emergency"


Other reports come from Lake City, Florida and Long Island, New York, so it seems that at least three sites in the eastern part of the country are confirmed.


According to Drive Tesla Canada, at the moment Tesla might still only be testing the new feature, as the signal was called 'Tesla Service."

It's expected that the Wi-Fi access will be offered free (at least initially), so Tesla drivers could use the Internet while charging.

We look forward to seeing the first reviews from the field as probably a new front of competition in the charging business has just opened - Wi-Fi in remote charging locations.

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