One of the first owners of the Lucid Air Dream Edition - Tesla2Lucid - has recently shared an interesting video with a 360° camera view (an aerial view) of the car on the infotainment system.

Manufacturers more and more often add an aerial view to their system to increase safety when maneuvering in tight spaces, but in the case of Lucid Air, it's really amazing, both in terms of resolution and quality.

According to Tesla2Lucid, aside from a few fixed angles, the user can rotate the view to any angle - and basically watch what is happening somewhere in the background.

"The #360DegreeCamera is pretty nifty (when’s the last time you heard nifty used in a sentence?)! Aside from clicking on preset angles, as shown in this , I later learned that you could Freeform move the  to any angle you want for a live shot!"


We are eager to take the Lucid Air out for in-depth tests and exploring the infotainment would be one of the points as it might include a lot of new solutions.

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