The first batch of Lucid Air cars is on the roads now and we just came across the first report about DC fast charging results, released by Tesla2Lucid.

As we can see in the tweets, the Air Dream Edition with a 118 kWh battery was able to get up to 251 kW at a Electrify America fast charging station (the value fluctuated between 245 and 251 kW) at about one-fifth state-of-charge (SOC).

That's a pretty good result - not yet at 300 kW mentioned by Lucid - but we don't know the details - whether 300 kW is possible right away or if there will be a software update, whether it's possible at Electrify America chargers, as the car has a 900 V battery system or whether the battery was preconditioned for maximum charging rate.


The app above shows remaining charging time of 1 hour and 25 minutes. We guess that this is the time to reach 100% SOC, which would suggest that the last percents will be replenished slowly. A full test is required to draw any real conclusions.

One of the images shows that during the session, the car received 80 kWh in 31 minutes and 2 seconds. That would be almost 155 kW on average, which is one of the best results on the market.

A closer look reveals that the session was from 14% to 77% SOC (63 percent points), worth some 328 miles (528 km) of range out of EPA total of 520 miles (837 km).

63% out of 118 kWh would be 74.3 kWh, while 80 kWh is some 68% out of 118 kWh. We are not sure, but at this point we guess that the 5.7 kWh difference includes auxiliary system loads, battery cooling and losses.


One more look:


Finally, one more tweet shows the mileage of 511 miles:


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