It's been almost two weeks since Tesla delivered the first few refreshed Tesla Model X cars on October 16, but there were not many reports about the car yet.

Here we can take a look at the 2021 Tesla Model X Long Range in six-seat configuration, which was reviewed by OCDetailing.

As we can see, on the exterior only small details and black trim are different than the previous generation.

Most of the changes are inside, including the yoke steering, new instrument cluster display, new infotainment display, new center console, rear display, new and overall more premium materials. OCDetailing notes that it's a step in the right direction because previously the materials/quality were lagging behind the technology.

The new Tesla Model X, just like the new Tesla Model S, is equipped with fully redesigned battery modules and packs, further upgraded drive units (the Plaid has three electric motors), faster charging capability (reaches and stays longer at 250 kW at Superchargers), and other elements like a lithium-ion 12V auxiliary battery and heat pump.

Gallery: 2021 Tesla Model X

Unfortunately, the Model X - just like other Teslas - becomes more expensive and less accessible, as their estimated delivery for new orders moved to July (Plaid) and September (Long Range) of 2022.

Tesla prices

Model Base Price Dest. Charge Tax Credit Effective Price
2021 Tesla Model X Long Range (AWD) 20" $104,990 +$1,200 N/A $106,190
2021 Tesla Model X Plaid 20" $119,990 +$1,200 N/A $121,190

Tesla specs

Model Drive Battery
2021 Tesla Model X Long Range (AWD) 20" AWD 100* 360 mi*
(579 km)
3.8 155 mph
(249 km/h)
2021 Tesla Model X Plaid 20" AWD 100* 340 mi*
(547 km)
2.5 163 mph
(262 km/h)

The second video is about the PPF installation on the car:

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